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Welcome to the photo viewer of your recent event.  There is no Cart or way to pay on this website. Action photos are unpredictable and I want to be certain they are of a high enough quality to create your order before accepting payment.

Please use this viewer to select the photos you would like and e-mail the picture numbers and print size to  I will inspect them to be sure you will be very happy with your prints and then e-mail you an invoice.  If all is what you expected, just pay the invoice and I will ship your order within three days.  Please also let me know how you would like them cropped or otherwise edited and I'll make sure to take care of it!

If you have a trial coming up and need a photographer, pleae just e-mail me and I'll check my calendar.  I'm always looking to meet new dogs and I travel!

Notes about Electronic Images:

Web Rez Edited -  (After cropping/editing: 1000 x 667 Pixels at 100 dpi).  Images are file size optimized for screen use for posting and e-mailing and other fun stuff like that but they do not make professional grade prints.  Print them at home and they will make 4x6s or 5x7s if you don't crop a lot out but they are not meant for photo store developers or online product type folks.  These are watermarked "MCAOE Photography Web Rez" in small letters on the bottom center so stores know they are not meant for them.

Hi Rez Edited -  (before cropping/editing: 6000 x 4000 Pixels at 300 dpi)  Images are not optimized for file memory size.  Even after editing, these will be huge files and can make professional grade prints much larger than 8x10s.  These are meant for you to send out to have products and things made for family and friends an hopefully show me your creation someday.  If the place needs a release of some kind, I will be happy to work with them.

Web Rez Unedited -  (not cropped or edited: 1000 x 667 Pixels at 100 dpi) These are file size optimized for electronics and not cropped or edited at all.  Many peole that know how to crop and brighten or darken images enjoy these for their postings.  You can not crop too much or it will start looking grainey.  Others mention to me that they are useful for analyzing the dogs motion or positioning in various situations.  These are sold as "All pictures in a run" or other similar large quantity.




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Bayshore Companion DC AKC - June 2019

Saturday  Premiere STD   EXC STD - 24   EXC STD - 20   EXC STD - 16   EXC STD - 12   EXC STD - 4-8   OPN STD   NOV STD


Staten Island Companion DTC AKC - May 2019

Saturday  Premiere STD  EXC STD - 24  EXC STD - 20  EXC STD - 16  EXC STD - 12  EXC STD - 8-4  OPN STD  NOV STD

Sunday  OPN STD   NOV STD   Buzz and Ryka


Ithaca DTC CPE - April 2019

Saturday  Full House   STD 4-5-C Round 1   STD 1 Round 1-2   STD 2 Round 1-2   STD 3 Round 1-2

Sunday  Jackpot 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   STD 1-2-3   Kaelan - Dallas


Oriole DTC - AKC - December 2018

Saturday  OPN-NOV STD   Premiere STD   EXC STD - 24    EXC STD - 20   EXC STD - 16   EXC STD - 12-4   Puppies

Sunday  OPN JWW


Ithaca DTC CPE - December 2018

Electronic Image Special: All Pictures in All Runs for $30 per dog.

Sunday  Full House   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   Snooker 1-2   Snooker 3-4-5-C   CATCH Kip


Pawsitively Awesome CPE - November 2018

Saturday  Full House 24-20   Full House 16-4   STD 4-5-C   STD 1-2-3

Sunday  STD 4-5-C   STD 1-2-3   Jumpers 1-2   Jackpot 1-2-3  CATCH Portraits


Albany Obedience at Working Dogs AKC - October 2018


Sunday  MAS-EXC STD 20-24   MAS-EXC STD 16   MAS-EXC STD 4-12   OPN-NOV STD


Flexible Flyers USDAA - September 2018

Saturday  MAS STD   P3 STD   ADV STD   P2-P1 STD   Starters-Intro STD  ADV-P2 P1 Pairs

Sunday  MAS Jumpers   P3-Veterans Jumpers   P1-Starters Snooker   P2-Advanced Snooker   


Central Bark Barn Hunt - September 2018

Sunday  Meadow Run   OPN-1   OPN-2   SR-2   Tux-Niamh-Mason Portraits


Alaskan Malamute at SOTC - AKC - September 2018

Saturday  EXC JWW 20-24   EXC JWW 16-4   EXC STD 24-20   EXC STD 16-4   OPN-NOV JWW   OPN-NOV STD



Flexible Flyers CPE - August 2018

Saturday  Colors 1-2   Colors 3-4-5-C (4-16 Only)  Jumpers 1-2   Jumpers 3-4-5-C   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   Snooker 1-2   Snooker 3-4-5-C   Wild Card 1-2  Wild Card 3-4-5-C

Sunday  Snooker 1-2   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   Wild Card 1-2   Wild Card 3-4-5-C   Moxie   All Pics in Sunday Runs for $25.


Pawsitively Awesome CPE - August 2018

Saturday  Full House   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C  All Pics in Both Runs for $25.


Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area AKC - August 2018

(Oriole DTC AKC at the the Fairgrounds from February is also in the list below.)

Saturday  MAS-EXC FAST   OPN & NOV FAST   Premiere JWW   MAS-EXC JWW 4-16   MAS-EXC JWW 20-24   OPN & NOV JWW   Premiere STD   MAS-EXC STD 4-16   MAS-EXC STD 20-24   OPN & NOV STD
Sunday  OPN & NOV STD


CNY Shetland Sheepdog AKC - August 2018

Saturday  EXC JWW 20-16   EXC JWW 12-8   EXC FAST   OPN-NOV JWW   OPN-NOV FAST

Sunday  EXC STD 20-24   EXC STD 4-16   OPN-NOV STD


Pawsitively Awesome CPE - July 2018

Saturday  Full House   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   Colors 1-2   Colors 3-4-5-C

Sunday  Jumpers 3-4-5-C   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   Obie-Magic  Whole Runs are $15 Each for Sunday.


Central Bark Barn Hunt - May 2018

Saturday  Instinct   Moon Pie   NOV 1-B1 & NOV 2   OPN 1   Senior 1


Southern Connecticut CPE - May 2018

Saturday  Jumpers 3-4-5-C   Snooker 1-2   Snooker 3-4-5-C   Jackpot 1-2-3   Jackpot 4-5-C   Maggie

Sunday  STD 1-2-3   Lilly-Tabbie   Jackpot


Western Lakes AKC - April 2018

Saturday  NOV FAST   EXC STD 20-24   EXC STD 4-16   NOV STD   OPN STD   Premiere STD


Ithaca DTC CPE - April 2018

Saturday Full House   STD 4-5-C 


OKA AKC at Jones Road - March 2018

Saturday EXC STD 24-20   EXC STD 16   EXC STD 12-8   NOV FAST   NOV-OPN STD



Schnectady DTC AKC - March 2018

Saturday  EXC STD 12-16   EXC STD 20-24   OPN-NOV STD   EXC JWW 4-16   EXC JWW 20-24   OPN-NOV JWW 


All Dawgs CPE - February 2018

Saturday  Full House   STD 4-5-C Round 1   STD 4-5-C Round 2   STD 1-2-3


Sure Fire USDAA - February 2018

Saturday  MAS Biathalon STD   Team Gamblers   Team STD   Steeplechase   Team Snooker   Perf-Versatility Gamblers   Perf-Versatility STD   Performance Speed Jumping   Perf-Versasility Snooker 

Sunday  MAS-P3-V Gamblers  MAS-P3-V STD   ADV-P2 Gamblers  ADV-P2 STD  Starters-P1 STD  Sunday Special "All Pics in Run Digital Pricing".  1 Run $20, Two Runs $30.


Oriole DTC at Fairgrounds AKC - February 2018

Saturday  MAS-EXC STD 4-8   MAS-EXC STD 12-16   MAS-EXC STD 20-24  Premiere STD   OPN & NOV STD   OPN & NOV FAST

Sunday  OPN & NOV JWW   MACHS & Requested Runs (Yellow Lab, Tootsie, Pug, Puppy, Skipper, Portie)


Addicted to Agility NADAC- December 2017

Saturday  Elite REG 1-2   OPN REG 1-2  NOV-Intro REG 1-2   Elite Jumpers 1  Elite Jumpers 2   OPN Jumpers 1-2   NOV-Intro Jumpers 1-2   Elite Weavers   NOV-Intro Weavers 

Sunday  Elite Tunnellers 1-2  OPN Tunnellers 1-2  NOV Tunnellers 1-2   NOV-Intro REG 1-2


Crown Classic AKC - December 2017

Saturday  EXC JWW 16-4   EXC JWW 24-20   OPN-NOV JWW   Time To Beat   EXC STD 16-4   EXC STD 24-20   OPN-NOV STD


Ithaca DTC CPE at Paws For Thought - December 2017

Saturday  Izzy and Hurley  Full House   STD 1   STD 2   STD 3   STD 4-5-C

Sunday  Magic-Belle-Josette-Tavari   STD 1-2-3  Tegan and 1 Colors Run  Jackpot


American Chesapeake AKC at Paws n Effect - November 2017

Saturday  EXC JWW 24-20   EXC JWW 16-4   EXC STD 24-20   EXC STD 16-4   OPN-NOV JWW   OPN-NOV STD

Sunday  OPN-NOV STD  


Pawsitively Awesome CPE - November 2017

Saturday  Jackpot 16-24   Jackpot 4-12   STD-1  STD-2  STD-3   STD-4-5-C 16-24   STD-4-5-C 4-12   Wild Card 1-2   Wild Card 3-4-5-C

Sunday  STD 1-2-3   Full House   (WebRez All Pics in a Run $15 per run)


Barn Hunt at Central Bark - October 2017

Saturday  Crazy 8 (B4-8)  Masters 1  Senior 1   OPN 2 

Sunday  Crazy 8  Instinct  NOV 1   NOV 2   OPN 1   Senior 1 (Some)   Senior 2


Erie KC at Countryside - October 2017

Saturday  EXC STD 24-20   EXC STD 16-4   Time To Beat   NOV STD   OPN STD   Jaques


SOTC at Jones Road - October 2017

Saturday  EXC STD 20-24   EXC STD 8-16   OPN NOV FAST   OPN NOV STD



SCAT CPE at Paws and Effect - October 2017

Saturday  Aussies-Louie-Spring   Full House   Jackpot   STD 1-2 (20s Only) -3   STD 4-5-C

Sunday  Jumpers 1-2   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C

Note:  Last year's October SCAT trial is still posted below.


OKA at Jones Road - September 2017

Saturday  NOV STD   OPN STD   OPN FAST 20-12   EXC STD 12-4   EXC STD 16   EXC STD 24-20



Muddy Paws CPE - August 2017

Saturday  Colors 1-2   Colors 3-4-5-C   STD-1 1-2-3   STD-1 4-5-C  Hall of Fame Oldtimers  STD-2 1-2-3   STD-2 4-5-C   Snooker 1-2  Snooker 3-4-5-C

Sunday STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   (Sunday STD Runs included in a Saturday All Pics in Day purchase) Hall of Fame Oldtimers  Extraordinaire


Penny ASC - Groton - July 2017

Saturday  Elite Jumpers 1&2  Elite Gamblers 1  OPN-NOV Jumpers 1&2   OPN-NOV Gamblers 1


Pawsitively Awesome CPE - Groton - July 2017

Saturday  Jackpot 4-5-C  STD 1-2-3 & Wild Card 1-2  STD 4-5-C

Sunday  STD 4-5-C  STD 1-2-3  Colors 1-2


SOTC AKC - July 2017

Saturday  Saturday EXC 16 


Loyalhanna AKC - Latrobe - July 2017

Saturday  EXC FAST   EXC STD 16-4   EXC STD 24-20   NOV STD-JWW   OPN FAST-STD   Premiere STD-JWW

Sunday  NOV JWW   NOV STD   OPN FAST   OPN STD   Premiere STD


Ithaca DTC at Paws For Thought CPE - June 2017

Saturday  Jackpot   STD 1-2-3   STD 4-5-C   Levi & Wilcard 3-4-5-C


Tibetan Terrier AKC Erie - May 29, 30 2017

Monday  EXC JWW 20-24   EXC JWW 16-4  Premiere JWW  T2B  NOV-OPN JWW & STD  EXC STD 20-24  EXC STD 4-16 

Tiebtan Tuesday Group Photo and All Classes


HABOC (Sunday Only) Erie - May 28, 2017

Sunday   EXC STD 16-4   EXC STD 20-24   T2B  NOV-OPN JWW & STD

Monday  EXC JWW 20-24   EXC JWW 16-4   T2B  NOV-OPN JWW & STD


Paw Prints AKC, North Smithfield - May 2017

Saturday  NOV STD and NOV JWW 20-24  OPN STD and MACH Portrait  EXC STD 4-8-12  EXC STD 16  EXC STD 20-24


Paws for Thought UKI - May 2017

Saturday  Some Ag, All Gamblers 


High Octane USDAA - Barto - May 2017

Saturday  Steeplechase  Perfromance Speed Jumping  Starters-P1-P2-Advanced Jumpers  Starters-P1-P2-Advanced STD  Starters-P1-P2-Advanced-P3 Snooker  P3-Masters Pairs



Play Bow NADAC - New Paltz - April 2017

Saturday  Chances  Hoopers  Regular  TnG  Mikes TnG Favoites

Sunday  Intro-NOV Barrellers   Regular   TnG   Weavers


Western Lakes AKC - April 2017

Friday  EXC JWW 16-4   NOV STD 16-4  T2B

Saturday  EXC STD 20-24  EXC STD 8-16  Premiere STD  OPN-NOV FAST  OPN-NOV STD

Sunday  NOV JWW and Peaches   OPN FAST and JWW


Cenral Bark Barn Hunt - April 2017

Saturday  Instinct  NOV 1 & 2  OPN 1 & 2  Senior 2   Masters 1

Sunday  Portraits 


Paws for Thought USDAA - March 2017

Friday  P2-P1-Starters Gamblers   Advanced-PV-Team Gamblers   Masters-P3-Veterans Gamblers

Saturday  Masters Challenge-Perf Biathalon Jumpers    Team & Versatility Jumpers-Speed Jumping-Steeplechase


OKA at Jones Road  - March 2017

Saturday  NOV-OPN FAST  NOV-OPN STD  EXC-STD 24-20  EXC-STD 16-4   Watson


Buffalo Barn Hunt - March 2017

Saturday  Instinct - Novice 1&2 - Open 1&2  Crazy 8s - Senior 1&2 - Masters 1


Syracuse Fly Ball - March 2017

Saturday Odd Numbered Races 1-67.  Team Names are Labeled Inside Galleries in case you forgot your race number.

Races 1-9    Races 11-21   Races 23-31   Races 33-41   Races 43-51   Races 53-59   Races 61-67


All Dawgs CPE - Feb 2017

Saturday  Colors   Full House   STD   Wild Card   Luna

Sunday  Olive - All STD


Sure Fire USDAA - Feb 2017

Saturday  Master Challenge Biathalon STD  Team Gamblers  Versatility Gamblers  Team STD  Performance STD  Steeplechase  Performance Speed Jumping

Sunday (Not a lot of classes today, All Pics price is $25, two dogs is $40)  ADV-P2 STD & Snooker   Rebecca-Puppies-Spice   Starters-P1 STD & Snooker


High Goal USDAA - Feb 2017

Saturday  Gamblers   Grand Prix   STD


Olean KC at Countryside AKC  - Erie - Feb 2017

Saturday  EXC JWW 4-16  EXC JWW 20-24  EXC STD 4-16  EXC STD 20-24   T2B   NOV JWW-STD & OPN STD


Mid Atlantic Madness USDAA  - Halethorp - Jan 2017

Saturday  Ch Grand Prix (Some Missing, Bad Memory Card), Performance Grand Prix  Team Gamblers  Performance Gamblers   Team STD   P-V STD  


Addicted To Agility NADAC - North Smithfield - New Year 2017

Saturday  Chances   REG 1   REG 2  Weavers

Sunday  REG 1  REG 2  Tunnellers